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African Safari

When you think Africa, what comes to mind?
Beauty, nature, wildlife.
All these things and more are why safaris are so popular among sightseers and photographers alike. And now you have the chance to embark on an expedition through Namibia with one of the top nature photographers in the world.

Don’t miss out on this life changing experience that will leave you breathless.

Stunning Namibia Photo Safari
There’s a reason that Namibia is one of the top safari destinations in all of Africa.Elephant
Miles and miles of untouched wilderness teeming with natural life wait to be discovered. From the pristine coastlines to the ever flowing sand dunes, there is no end to the beauty of Namibia’s landscapes.
And, while the deserts of Nambia still maintain their natural allure, the country itself is developed to invite travelers to a safe, pleasant safari experience. Clean water, well-maintained roads, and hospitable accommodations all make the excursion an adventure you won’t regret.
With stops in one of the continent’s national parks that is most teeming with natural wildlife, there is no end to the wondrous sights and photo opportunities that Bob Wild will lead you to on this Namibia tour. The tour itself is based around one of the nation’s professional hunting guides, which means you stand to witness some of Africa’s most awe-inspiring animals in their own natural habitat.

Stops on Our African Safari
As one of the leading landscape photographers in the world, Bob Wild has created one of the most photogenic safaris imaginable. This photo tour through Namibia will leave you speechless and have you wishing you brought an extra memory card (or ten!).  Countless opportunities for photographing the most stunning flora and fauna that Africa has to offer. Natural formations and landscapes the likes of which can be found nowhere else in the world. These and more await you on this safari

Here is a small taste of the wonders you’ll enjoy… 

Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park is Namibia’s largest wildlife sanctuary, and our tour of it expands through several different geographical zones and ecological environments. African Safari baby steenbuck hiding from the noon day sunHome to 300 lions and thousands of elephants and giraffes, Estosha offers a chance to glimpse some of Africa’s most impressive animal life.

See the mighty rhinoceros in its own backyard, watch the zebra gallop across the plains. You may even spy some species that are nearing extinction, like the rare Tssessebe or the white rhino.
And finding animals to photograph in Etosha is never a chore. Not only is the park teeming with wildlife, but it is easy to predict where to find them. Every animal must drink, and the watering holes of Etosha make the perfect spot to set up your cameras, wait, and capture some of the best natural shots you’ve ever seen.

Looking for some of the best landscape shots that Africa has to offer? Than you will absolutely love the stunning views of Spitzkoppe. With an impressive rock bridge that displays the true might of the natural world, this majestic stop offers beautiful photo ops for sunset and even after sundown.
Imagine the starscape in one of the world’s quietest, most untouched regions by the lights of civilization. While you’ll attempt to capture the beauty on camera, it’s the memories of these sights that will live on forever in your heart.

Although the name of this region roughly translates to “dead-end marsh”, this moniker certainly isn’t in reference to the photo opportunities offered by this stop on our African safari. Far from a dead-end, Sossusvlei invites stunning shots of its iconic red dunes and surreal landscapes.
Sossusvlei is perhaps one of the most visited stops in all of Namibia, and has even been featured in numerous films and other popular media. Once you see the unique landscapes for yourself, you’ll understand why. It truly is like no other place in the world

Not far from Sossusvlei, our African safari takes us to Deadvlei, a white clay pan that is best known for its “forest” of dead camel thorn trees. This natural wonder is one of a kind in the world and offers a unique photo experience.
The trees sprouted as a result of flooding of the Tsauchab river, but died when they climate changed and brought the area to drought. Still they stand, scorched black by the desert sun, a reminder of the brief fertility the pan enjoyed some six centuries ago.

A Natural Photographers Dream Come True
If it’s not already clear, this tour was designed by a photographer, for photographers. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience that offers opportunities to capture the beauty of Mother Nature in some of her most raw and stunning moments.

You haven’t photographed wildlife until you’ve captured the beasts of Africa.

You haven’t photographed landscapes until you’ve shot the awe-inspiring views of Namibia.

You haven’t truly photographed nature until you’ve done it on African safari.

All this and more in a safe, comfortable, and expertly planned tour that promises the adventure of a lifetime.

African Safari Namibia best safari in Africa

10 day photo tour available now

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