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What to wear on an African Safari

It can be difficult knowing What To Wear On An African Safari, particularly if it’s your first time. You don’t want to stand out from the crowd but are also wary of being the only one who turns up in full-on khakis with a pith helmet!
Don’t go into a panic, we have put together a list of the essential gear for your African safari and ideas for a few extra items that you may not have thought of.


We may have joked about everyone wearing safari clothes of beige and khaki, AKA camouflage clothing, but in reality, it is a good idea. You should attempt to blend into the background to try to go unnoticed by the animals.  Bright colours distract the wildlife, causing them to behave unnaturally, or even forcing them into hiding.
Wearing neutral colours will keep you camouflaged and also disguise the dust and dirt that you will undoubtedly be covered in!
Dressed in all dark clothing or black clothing is not the best either, African can become hot and muggy.
Avoid blue if you’re in tsetse fly country; they will be attracted to it and you will be a feature on their menu.

Casual Clothing

Leave the stilettos and bow ties at home, safari is all about comfort. You will be up and about early and might need to throw something on quickly. Jumping from side to side in a bumpy safari vehicle is best done in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Long-sleeved shirts and trousers are highly recommended to protect against mosquitoes.

Wear Cotton Clothes on Safari

Not only is cotton lightweight, cooling, and easy to layer, it dries quickly. You are going to get grubby from the dusty, sandy tracks, and with the best will in the world, it isn’t possible to carry enough clean clothes for every day. Cotton shirts, pants, and underwear rinses easily and dries quickly in the open air.


Temperatures fluctuate hugely throughout the day in Africa. Even in the height of summer, early morning safaris are very chilly. The best way to combat this is to wear several thin layers that can be easily removed or added. Thin sweaters ad fleeces are great for early mornings and cool evenings.

What to Wear on an African Safari

Packing list suggestions for an Photo Safari;


• Closed-toe comfy shoes, sturdy sneakers or a good pear of walking shoes will do, hiking boots/hiking shoes are best.
• Flip flops/sandals, for walking around camp and evenings in the bar, or poolside


• A woolly hat will keep your head warm predawn and post-dusk. It also hides ‘safari hair’!
• A wide-brimmed sun hat for protection from the afternoon heat


• Cotton pyjamas keep you cool/warm and wash easily

Daywear,  Safari outfit

Choose from a variety of these items. As they’re all neutral colours you can easily mix and match them, for a new outfit for each outing, even with few items. Take as many cotton products as possible.

• T-shirts, short sleeve shirt,
• Long-sleeve shirts
• Lightweight fleece or sweater, safari jacket
• Trousers/pants, safari pants, convertible pants
• Shorts
• Lightweight raincoat
• Socks
• Undies

Accessories you might wear on an African Safari
Not everyone will spend their entire holiday on safari, if you’re having a 2-site holiday, you can pack all your fancy clothes in a case, hopefully with somewhere safe to store it in a hotel.
Everything you need for your safari should fit in an easy to carry, small case or duffel bag. This might not leave much space for accessorizing outfits, there are a few essentials;

• Ladies need a good supportive bra and plenty of hair ties. You will want to keep your hair and other things secured!
• A money belt is much easier and safer to carry than cumbersome purses and wallets.
• Sunglasses are a must, you won’t want to squint into the distance to spot a big cat or rare bird.
• Sunscreen, with a very high SPF. This is one of the most important things you can wear on an African Safari.
• Scarves are great to wrap around your nose and mouth on an open Jeep trip. No-one wants a mouthful of dust. A sheer, cotton scarf is sufficient and takes up little space.

Final Thoughts… 

 Now you have an idea of what to wear on an African safari, you can pack with confidence.
Consider leaving the ballgown or tuxedo at home, you might look a little odd.
Instead, take comfortable clothes that you can relax in, whether you’re in the company of spectacular wildlife or newfound friends viewing a floodlit watering hole.

what to wear on an African safari

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