African Photo Safari

African photo Safari

Photographing Etosha National Park

photographing Etosha national parkPhotographing Etosha National Park is where your next photo adventure awaits!  Etosha National park is in the northern area of Namibia.  Here, the animals roam freely without human restriction.  There is diverse vegetation in this area of the park, which allows for these amazing creatures to flourish and survive. There are seasons in the park that change the animals’ behavior.  The winter months are the dry season.  This is when everything gets a good layer of white dust from the salt from the clay in the pan.  The Etosha pan is so massive it can actually be seen from space.  It is believed that this was a lake at one time.  Seeing this great dried up lake is something out of a storybook.   During the winter months, the wildlife will be found concentrated around watering holes.   As everything is dry.  The climate is mild and much more tolerable than in the summer months. Due to the often dry environment of Etosha, most animals need to visit the waterholes frequently, which often give superb sightings.   Each African Photo Safari will be a different experience as sighting at the holes are not quarantined. It all depends on the weather and the amount of rain in the past few days. As we will be visiting several water holes for the chance of seeing most of the animals is very high

Come photograph Etosha National Park

baby zebra feeding - photographing Etosha National ParkThe summer months, the Savannah is rich with vegetation and becomes a lush green oasis.  This time of year, you will have a chance to see and capture the photos of baby animals as well.  During the rainy season, it can be difficult to drive.  And, the lighting is obviously different from a rainy and cloud filled ski to that of the clear deep blues.  The winter months for this part of Africa are May through October and Summer months are November through April.
Many of the European birds migrate here for the summer months, as it is winter in Europe.  Many of the larger animals with go to the north end of the park, as there is more rainfall there.  Asking the rangers where the animals have been seen in the summer months will help us find them more quickly.This is the area where the wildlife will be most abundant.  During the dry season, with a little patience and some luck, you can find yourself capturing the perfect photographs of Africa’s wild animals.  The dry season, the animals are more likely going to be around the watering holes and easier to find.  And, we will visit several watering holes that are popular for wildlife sightings. But, when the rains come they disperse, and leave the dangerous watering holes for safety.  Here you will find elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, and the endangered Black Rhino. Capturing not only the animals but the Savannah desert can be jaw-dropping.  The rich dark treetops against that bright blue sky is something that almost appears unreal.  The golden grasses cover the ground, yet, the trees are deeply rich in color make the contrast just that, So why wait lets go photographing Etosha National Park 

Photographing Etosha National Park

Come and lets photograph Etosha National park together. Did you know Etosha is one of Africa’s most photographed and respected national parks, idolised by several. it‘s a very special place within the heart of photographers from all walks of life. I guarantee once you have visits Etosha it will be your absolute favorite African park, drawing you back again and again.
More than anything other group, photographers return again and again to Etosha National Park spenting months and years capturing image from this great vast area.

african photography etosha national park
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