Photographing Africa


Photographing Africa Wonderful Sights

While we are out having a great time photographing Africa wildlife, there will be some stunning accommodations. These accommodations have beautiful views and amazing amenities that we are sure you will fall in love with. After all, this a trip of a lifetime , so not only is the scenery beautiful and amazing, so are the accommodations. Here there will be mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi for your enjoyment. However, there will be times when we will be staying in tents out in the Savannah as well. This will allow for better evening shots at the waterholes. These tent nights are only a few days but well worth the effort to get some amazing shots. The waterholes offer some of the best wildlife photography in the world. Capturing these wild animals in their natural habitat does take some patience. But, patience will pay off.

The lovely hotels have amazing accommodations as well as views. And, the photo opportunity from the balcony will  be amazing. Many have watering holes near them so you can study the animal behaviour and get that true wildlife experiences. This allows you to enjoy them in the nice air-cooled rooms and get a break from the desert heat. The heat midday can get overwhelming at times, which is another reason to go out very early morning and back in the evening. Perhaps rest back at the hotel in the heat of the day and watch from afar. We will work to get that perfect shot of the beautiful morning light and evening sunset as well as midday images.

The sun does not forget a village just because it is small
~ African Proverb ~
Photographing Africa
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All the places we will be staying are top-notch five-star hotels that have amazing foot trails, gardens, and pools to capture as well. Each facility offers its unique take on this beautiful area and will give us a great fresh start each morning with a nice breakfast, hot shower, and coffee. And, after a long day shooting in the desert, there isn’t anything better than a nice shower and bed. We are sure you will love your accommodations.

Business Friendly Africa

All accommodations, except the tent evenings, will have Wi-Fi as well.  This is perfect for those business people that are looking to come to an real African Photo Tour but need to keep up with matters back home.  There will be communication almost daily.  So, a laptop or other device is certainly welcome should you need to tend to business or personal affairs.  And, the hotels are very safe.  They all have security as well.  Be confident that your personal belongings will be safe on this trip.  We took extract precautions when choosing our accommodations.  We wanted our guests to be in only the top rated facilities.

Beautiful Hotels

Dive in and enjoy all the beautiful architecture these buildings offer as well. Taking in all of what South Africa has to offer is the experience we desire, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime our African Photo Safari Tour is perfect for you. We have taken every aspect into account. As wildlife photographers ourselves, we understand the importance of lighting and timing for the perfect shots. Photographing African is like no other experience.

Life in a tent

Unfortunately, it’s just not possible for us to stay in 5-star hotels every day. To photograph the Night sky at some of Namibia’s parks require us to camp. Don’t fret, as I’m not big on camping. I would not call what we are sleeping in a tent.

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photographing africa

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