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Photo Tips for African Safari

How to start wildlife photography

How to Start Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a great type of photography for everyone, including beginners. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, and capturing the dream shot of a photo of animals in the wild. There are a number of easy wildlife photography tips

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African safari wildlife park
Safari Tips

African Safari Wildlife Park

When the time comes to book your next vacation and you can’t bear the thought of lazily lying around a pool all day every day; consider booking a trip to an African safari wildlife park. The most breathtaking sights await you, from magnificent wildlife to diverse landscapes, including desert, savannah

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What makes a great wildlife photo

What Makes a Great Wildlife Photo

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great wildlife photo, then you’ve come to the right place.It is easy to pose a group of adults in a studio with the optimum lighting set up and the camera poised to perfection. Not quite so easy with a leaping gazelle or a

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Etosha National Park Watering hole
Etosha National Park Safari

A Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park in Namibia is a photographer’s dream. There are so many types of animals it is nearly impossible to choose where to begin your African Photo Safari Tour.  Let me share my favourite spots for photography, as well as some tips and tricks on how to capture the

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Are Photography Workshops worth it?

Are Photography Workshops Worth It?

There are photography workshops to fit most budgets. The best ones manage to seamlessly combine the vacation of a lifetime with a course, where like-minded people meet to hone their skills in the company of some top professional photographers.You might own basic equipment and wonder are photography workshops are worth

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Is an African safari worth it
Safari Tips

Is an African Safari Worth it?

Africa, the home of the elephants, lions, and giraffes. It’s an exotic destination that many people dream to visit but few can afford. Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience or just want to escape the winter for a week, Africa is sure to be worth it! This article will

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Our Best Photo Tips for African Safari

Let us take you to where the lions, elephants, giraffe and other animals all roam free. Where the sunset and sunrise are a daily photo opportunity.  Lets, photograph the night sky,  the milky way is to die for. 

African Photography Safaris have become more affordable for the hobbyist and amateur photographers in the last few years.   Today’s photo buffs who tour Africa can show their friends what they photographed through their passion and creativity for African cultures, its diverse wildlife and spacious landscapes.  However, as a photo buff or even professional photographers we are always looking for new tips and tricks for African safari.  With there being so much to photography in Africa, learning new techniques or brushing up on the old ones, before heading out on the safari will help insure we capture the best of the best when we need to. 
Do you know what to take with you, cloths to pack, which camera gear is the best, or are you inquisitive what we carry while on the safari?  
We strive here at African Photo Safari to bring you the latest tips and tricks insuring that your experience with us will be awesome.  For some, a trip to Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We want you to capture the best photos possible while you’re with us.  To ensure that you have the correct camera gear, clothing and information before your journey, spend a few minutes reading through our blogs. If you have any questions drop us a message we love talking about our experiences and have a passion for helping others.

The only man I envy is the man that has not yet been to Africa. For he has so much to look forward to.

Richard Mullen
photo tips for African safari

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