Photo Safari in South Africa

Focus Your Lens on Spitzkoppe

Spitzkoppe is a spectacular area for a Photo Safari in South Africa. Tucked away in the depths of the Namibian countryside,  just 3 hours from the Namibian capital of Windhoek, this amazing National park of Spitzkoppe provides a unique adventure for you and your camera equipment.  If you are looking to take a photo safari in South Africa, then this area of distinct terrain and natural beauty is certainly somewhere to train your lens!
Located in the Nambia desert, the Spitzkoppe range of mountains and surrounding flora and fauna offers a wonderful photographic Safari opportunity.  Not only is the area one of outstanding natural beauty with its dominating mountain range of granite stone, it also dates back 700 million years thrilling any naturalist.  Within the clutches of these fascinating rock formations, numerous rock art sites can still be found telling ancient stories from a long-forgotten time when untold creatures roamed the earth.

The unusual shapes of the rock formations are the product of millions of years of erosion from water washing over the rock surface, and the wind sandblasting the exposed granite. This has, in turn, led to a landscape form of rounded boulders to mushroom-shaped pedestals and arches. The whole African National park area is any photographer’s dream location with its abundance of natural beauty with its impressive backdrop.  The mountain ranges themselves present a distillery of changing colors as the sun rises over them, cascading shadows and differing textures for the camera to capture. The bald granite peaks rise to over 700 meters above the accompanying dramatic landscape of canyons, sand dunes, and rugged desert.  The range itself is with its distinctive shapes, and unusual contours are made up of a number of distinct peaks.  The central peak is known as Gross Spitzkoppe with the other peaks and island mountains surrounding it.

Wherever a man goes to dwell his character goes with him.

~African Proverb~

It has also been called the ‘Matterhorn of Namibia’.

As the sun drops in the desert sky, the mountains take on the look of a Mars landscape with rusty red hues that, in some places, look like a fire-ravaged stone assembly. But the photographic Safari opportunities don’t end there. As day turns to night, it looks as if the whole sky has been transformed into an array of diamonds. The stars shine with real intensity, and if you are lucky to be in the right lunar period, the full moon creates deep red shadows across the landscape. Then comes a real treat – sunrise over the Spitzkoppe peaks gives you the opportunity to capture natural moments unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. When the sun slowly hovers over the horizon, it reveals more of the landscape and its multitude of colors as it marches into the sky. Grab yourself a high vantage point, and make sure you are in the right place, at the right time to ensure you get that exceptional sunrise picture which will create the wow factor amongst your friends. So, experience that radiant spitzkoppe sunrise, it is truly a special place and experience to behold.

There is no doubt that a photo safari in South Africa that encompasses this remarkable landscape will live on forever with you. The whole landscape and Spitzkoppe experience will test your photographic skills so you can capture what is genuinely one of the wondrous places on earth.​
Russell Sealy

Looking for adventure? Maybe a photo safari to Africa  will put you in a place like nothing you’ve seen before.  Each spectacular section of Namibia is at our fingertips to explore and capture the sheer beauty of this magical land.  The nighttime sky is simply amazing and is a must for a photo tour.
Spitzkoppe is another beautiful area to see safari experience.  Each area has its own distinct terrain.  It is hard to imagine that each area is still apart of Namibia and the travel between them isn’t far.  This desert truly has some majestic views.  The lighting and shadows are amazing in Spitzkoppe with the large rock formations, the light dances from the sand.
photo safari in south Africa - Spitzkoppe It has a beautiful granite mountain range that offers unique settings and shadows for us to capture.  This mountain range is thought to be 700 million years old and has been formed over these millions of years.  The majestic views and clear air make the perfect awe inspiring images.  Trying to capture its beauty through the eye of a lens is tricky, as there is so much to take in.  The sun’s light reflecting off of the sand creates beautiful scenic images that cannot be captured anywhere else on Earth.  Take a look at the ancient drawings found on the rocks and imagine 1000’s of years ago, someone was standing right where you are.
Climbing up the mountains will offer glorious panoramic views that are simply breathtaking and ready to be captured.  These amazing views offer unique opportunities to possibly spot some wildlife species and birds for your photo safari in South Africa adventure at Spitzkoppe.

Spitzkoppe African Vacation

You’ll see amazing rock formations that will take your breath away.  There is literally no way to prepare yourself for all you will see on this  photo safari in south Africa.  The desert of Spitzkoppe is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.  The mountain ranges offer unique lighting opportunities that can play camera tricks.  And, the nighttime sky is to die for. So crisp and clear, with no pollution or city lights messing up the stars.  The beauty of it is something that everyone needs to experience to truly understand.Photo Safari in South Africa There are so many photo opportunities but be sure to stop and take in the sheer natural beauty around you.  What mother nature has the power to form and do in such a vast land is amazing.  Narrow gullies and steep walls make the most amazing contrasting shadows.  The natural beauty of the granite in its natural environment has gorgeous various color tones and rich color formations. 

 We will be sure to stop and take it all in. And, when climbing these amazing rock formations, you will feel like you can see all of Africa from the top.  The clear air makes the view seem to go on forever.  Through the twists and turns of these naturally formed rocks, you will see rock arches that tower in the air, and beautiful cactus sprouts in the strangest spots.  Ginormous boulders are everywhere, some seem piled with care, however, it’s simply how they were formed. Come share the beautiful granite mountains, rock formations, and quite possibly some wildlife adventures on our guided photo safari in south African.

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