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Photography tips – There is just too much to know and we are always searching for more information about a certain Technics or how to accomplish that next great photo.

what makes a good wildlife camera

A good wildlife photographer starts with the right gear. If you’re looking to get into this field, but don’t know where to start or what makes a good wildlife camera. I’ve put together some helpful tips so that when choosing your new DSLR or mirrorless you will have the knowledge in what to look for. …

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Improve your wildlife photography

Improve Your Wildlife Photography: Our 9 Tips and More Improve your wildlife photography by following these simple tips and learn how to capture better pictures. With the right equipment, you can get stunning photos of the wildlife in their natural habitat without disturbing the animals.Try using a wide-angle lens to show the magnificent landscape where …

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Ethical Wildlife Photography

What Is Ethical Wildlife Photography? The ethical wildlife photographer is the person who will use their photography skills to help raise awareness for a cause or issue and inspire others into action that benefits animals. They are someone with an eye on conservation, as well as capturing stunning wildlife photos, but also making sure it’s …

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How to start wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is a great type of photography for everyone, including beginners. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, and capturing the dream shot of a photo of animals in the wild. There are a number of easy wildlife photography tips for beginners that can get …

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What makes a great wildlife photo

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great wildlife photo, then you’ve come to the right place.It is easy to pose a group of adults in a studio with the optimum lighting set up and the camera poised to perfection. Not quite so easy with a leaping gazelle or a pride of lion cubs playing …

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Are Photography Workshops worth it?

There are photography workshops to fit most budgets. The best ones manage to seamlessly combine the vacation of a lifetime with a course, where like-minded people meet to hone their skills in the company of some top professional photographers.You might own basic equipment and wonder are photography workshops are worth it.On the other hand, you …

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Best camera settings for wildlife photography

What are the best camera setting for wildlife photography? In an ideal world, an elephant would stand still and pose, a rainstorm would hold off just long enough for you to get the perfect shot. But it isn’t an ideal world; therefore, we need to adjust and adapt camera settings to the ever-changing conditions. Understanding the …

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Photography workshop in Africa

An Photo Safari is the opportunity of a lifetime to build a spectacular portfolio of extraordinary landscape and wildlife photographs. Whatever your camera skill level; a photography workshop in Africa combines your passion with a dream holiday. What is a Photography Workshop in Africa Each of our specially outfitted safari vehicles comfortably seats a small …

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night photography in Namibia

Night Photography In Namibia A once in a lifetime photo safari isn’t complete without a diverse set of photographic memories. A truly complete album should include shots taken at all times of the day,  in differing lights; the same image will look very different. Although awkward at first, night photography in Namibia provides extremely rewarding …

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Auto-ISO for wildlife photography

Why use Auto ISO for Wildlife Photography Why use auto ISO for wildlife photography you ask? Digital cameras are so far advanced today that it is sometimes difficult to know which settings to choose in each situation.The opportunity to shoot wildlife in all its natural glory doesn’t come around too often for most of us. …

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