Are Photography Workshops Worth It?

There are photography workshops to fit most budgets. The best ones manage to seamlessly combine the vacation of a lifetime with a course, where like-minded people meet to hone their skills in the company of some top professional photographers.
You might own basic equipment and wonder are photography workshops are worth it.
On the other hand, you could have ‘all the gear and no idea’. If so, you may be a prime candidate.

Photography workshops aren’t solely about teaching you how to get the best from your camera. They are a place for creative people to meet, share ideas and approaches, and make friends.
Best of all, photography workshops are worth it as you learn ‘on-the-job’ with a top-class photographer supporting and guiding you each step of the way.

What Makes a Good Photography Workshop

It’s about having fun in an environment that encourages creativity and exploration plus move you past the fundamentals of photography. You want to explore and expand your creativity with like-minded people who share your passion. You’ll want to ask questions from the photography instructor and get feedback on what works or doesn’t work while learning new skills along the way!  It’s a great way to stay motivated when it feels like no one else understands your struggles as a photographer.


Types of Workshops:  If you’re open-minded, there are many courses available including street, portrait photography, landscape photography, night, ocean, or our favourite, wildlife. When you have decided, it is time to hit the internet. Maybe there is an online course available. 

Choose Your Pro Wisely.

Well-respected instructors leave a trail of positive reviews in their wake. Positive feedback from previous customers is a reliable way of narrowing down the field.
Preview their catalogue of work; is it in your style or something to which you aspire. Do they have online photography classes?  Are they at the top of their industry? 
The best instructors offer support, direction, and practical tips. They offer technique and equipment advice and even help with composition.
A true professional delights in helping their pupils create superb photographs in a relaxed atmosphere.

Before the Trip

You can tell if a workshop is worth it by the time and advice a trip coordinator provides, even before you have booked.
They should answer all questions, from how many changes of clothes you need, through to the best camera equipment to pack.

The Itinerary

African safaris are the perfect opportunity for spectacular wildlife photography; where else can you see a flamingo, a giraffe, and a rhino drinking together?
No-one wants to be rushed away before getting the best composition and taking the best shots.
That is why the itinerary is important.
The best photography workshops include diverse tours, enabling their customers to see the best the region has to offer. Moreover, they factor in plenty of time at each stop allowing the client the greatest opportunity for high-quality photographs.
The days should be well-designed and full of adventure, freeing up the evenings for new-found friends to share their work; over a beer or three!
Weather conditions change quickly; your workshop leader should always have a back-up plan if the original one doesn’t go to plan.


Expect to stay in high-end hotels, luxurious lodges, or fully-equipped tents; the options vary. The cost of most photography workshops often covers these charges and also those for meals and sometimes drinks.

Photography workshops = experience.

Not only will you have the experience of a lifetime, but you will also be able to pick the brains of a professional photographer with decades of knowledge in their field.
They are there to inspire you and push you out of your comfort zone. Instructors help find your strengths, build your confidence, and see photographic opportunities from a different perspective.
Your workshop instructor learned their craft over many years and is willing to share everything they know.
Surely, that is worth laying out a few extra dollars?

 Consider an Online Photography Course?

Online courses are a great way to learn or brush up on your photographic skills. You can take them on your own time, without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or the cost of travel. And with so many experienced photographers selling online courses, it should be easy to find one that fits your needs and budget.
 But there are some downsides too. The quality of instruction is not always as high as in-person instructor, and you may not get the same level of feedback from instructors or classmates that you would in person. Plus, if you’re looking for hands-on experience with equipment like cameras and lighting gear, then an online class might not be what you’re looking for. So before signing up for any course, make sure it’s right for your needs!

Final thoughts – Are Photography Workshops Worth It? 

If you want to take better photos than what comes out of your phone camera, or if you just want to learn more about how cameras work, then a workshop may be perfect for you! They teach everything from composition and lighting to post-processing.
Photography is an art form that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s also something that will last with you forever. You may not think so now, but when you are older and look back at your life, photography will always have been there to capture the moments of your life in a way no one else could. That’s why I believe it’s worth investing in this skill. You won’t regret taking the time out of your day to invest in yourself like this! 

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Are Photography Workshops worth it?

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